Top 5 Trends in Explainer Videos for This Year

Here are the most popular trends in explainer videos for 2018 that will help marketers create video content that engages with their target audience!

Let’s face it – the video production technology continues to develop in a very cool direction, but if you want to take advantage of it, you should first be familiar with the latest trends in explainer videos. Why is that?

Well, if you want to create great explainer videos you don’t need to know about lighting technology or camera sensors, but how to create the right message that will affect your target audience. You need to understand how to create and distribute high-quality video content that will engage your target audience and attract as many potential customers as possible.

In this article, we are going to share the most popular trends in explainer videos for 2018:

  • Camera resolution increases, but for marketers, it doesn’t really matter – Recently, 4K video production has become a normal and expected part of video production companies. This year, the new digital cameras continue to offer even better resolution such as 5K, 8K, and 18K. Even though this resolution is great for camera geeks and movie makers, for marketers is totally irrelevant.
  • The drone video popularity keeps growing – This year, more and more video production companies will start adding drone pilot certification and drone video to their offerings. Given the fact that drones can provide a visually stunning shot, this trend is pretty obvious.
  • Social media video is now a specialty – Social media is really important to video marketing and the success of explainer videos. What used to be a luxury for marketers who posted the exact video on all social media channels, today it has become a necessity. In order to succeed with explainer videos on social media, you need to understand the optimal formats of each platform, so you can create a unique explainer video that fit each platform needs including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and others.
  • Live streaming videos keep getting hotter and hotter – As you probably noticed, live video streaming is absolutely everywhere, from all social media channels to special live streaming platforms. This clearly shows that internet users want live.
  • Animated explainer videos are really powerful – There are different types of explainer videos but animated videos are really powerful and highly recommended to use for presenting and promoting your company.


So, are you ready to create the first explainer video for this year, according to these trends?

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